about exelia

about exelia

Exelia is a team. Not an empty catchword or concept but an actual team. Exelia decided that it would be and remain a human scaled undertaking, focused on the efficient contribution of its members and a constant care for high quality legal services. The distribution of responsibilities and roles within the firm was thought out in order to allow each member’s abilities to be exploited at their best and in the client’s best interest. Beyond the individuals who compose it, this is a team that we are proud of introducing you to.

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Véronique Christiaens

attorney at the firm since 2008 – partner since January 2021- and member of the Brussels Bar (Dutch speaking Association). She developed an expertise in public procurement law, an area in which she regularly publishes alongside Jean-Marc WOLTER.


Expertise: government and public sector, intellectual property.

Practice areas: Public procurement law, public law, public authorities liability law, environmental law.

Elodie Maroit

began her career as an attorney with Exelia in 2018. She actively works with all four of the firm’s partners, and is mainly active in civil and commercial law projects. She develops an assiduous practice of debt recovery cases and deepens the experience accumulated in the context of her Master Degree in Information Technology and Communication science law (ITC).


Expertise: commercial and non-profit undertakings, intellectual property.

Practice areas:Civil law, commercial law, debt recovery, ITC law

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