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added value and quality of the services provided
to our client are the very reason of our existence!

Exelia advises individuals and undertakings in both private and public sectors and defends their interests before European and Belgian judicial and administrative courts.

Our intervention is based on personal contacts with our client in order to provide practical and relevant advice relying on a thorough legal analysis.

In particular, we demonstrate our worth by:

  • providing our client with the best specialists in their legal fields;
  • adopting a strategic approach adapted to the clients’ needs;
  • a proactive and efficient service in the context of a truly professional relationship.
Services Exelia

our services


Proactive assistance during the negotiation and drafting of contracts or any other legally binding document.


Analysis of the opportunities and legal difficulties generated by our clients’ business.

alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Negotiations in case of disputes and assistance of our clients in the context of formal and informal ADR proceedings.


Proceedings before national and international judicial and administrative courts.

international network

Exelia has developed an international network with law firms established in Paris and Luxembourg, sharing the same set of values.

our expertise

  • admission to occupation – regulated occupations
  • company restructuring and corporate law (M&A)
  • competition and trade practices
  • determination of the most appropriate legal and financial structure
  • funding issues (credits and loans, warranties, crowdfunding…)
  • intellectual property
  • relationships between shareholders and stakeholders – shareholders’ agreements
  • reorganizations, liquidation and bankruptcy
  • commercial litigation
  • intellectual property
  • labor law (employment contracts and internal work regulation, dismissals, transfers of employees & personnel)
  • negotiation and drafting of contracts
  • real estate (sales and acquisitions, real estate development and planning, renting & gross lease contracts, leasehold estate, surface rights…)
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  • administrative contract law
  • administrative litigation
  • constitutional law
  • government and public sector liability
  • intellectual property
  • labor accident / occupational disease in the public sector
  • legislative drafting and constitutionality reviews
  • public management contracts
  • public-private partnerships
  • public-public partnerships
  • publics procurements and tendering
  • taxation of public authorities and undertakings
  • corporate tax (businesses and non-profit undertakings)
  • income tax
  • individual and corporate tax planning
  • international taxation schemes
  • local and regional tax
  • taxation of public authorities and undertakings
  • value Added Tax (VAT)

vision and values

Undoubtedly like any undertaking, but with more acute needs due to its purpose and place in society, a law firm’s identity is defined by a vision and the core values uniting its members.

Exelia is a meeting. The meeting between seasoned practitioners with different backgrounds who were able to identify their respective legal skills. It is also and foremost the confluence of driven lawyers who promptly understood they shared, beyond their love for their profession, a vision and common values.

As a law firm, Exelia identifies with its client, and aims at becoming a legitimate and essential member of its client’s team A reliable, efficient, diligent and steadfast legal ally.

As a consequence of our total commitment and symbiosis, each case entrusted to us is dealt by the attorney who has best skills to handle it, without the interference of any consideration of personal profit. The clients’ and Exelia’s best interests systematically prevail on those of the individuals making up the firm.

The prism of our case analysis is that of the client. Even though we are accountable for it : we think with the clients, placing ourselves in a situation enabling us to assist them in elaborating their strategic decisions and guiding it to do so.

As a firm structured on a human scale, Exelia provides identified and stable contacts. We know and understand our clients and adapt our work to their needs as well as their economic and legal realities.

As responsible auxiliaries of a judicial system often criticized, Exelia has adopted a pricing policy in line with the added value it brings to its clients as a high value service provider regardless of their public, private, commercial or non-profit essence.

Aware of our social responsibility, we bear our role is society by contributing, in time, work and resources to certain non-profit undertakings and charities.

Commitment in our work and the quality thereof, loyalty, team spirit and investment in a common endeavour are the values shared by Exelia’s partners and associates in the service of a vision: that of a modern firm truly placing the interest of the client before its own.

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